Postdoc proposal
Topological properties and shape characteristics for idealized models

Non-manifold model


Jean-Claude Léon Franck Hétroy
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Shape characterization for non-manifold models is based on geometrical and topological concepts. In the past, topological aspects have been adressed from both a local point of view, with data structures conveying the connections between the components of non-manifold models, and a global one, with the Euler-Poincaré theorem and Betti numbers. The main difficulty with respect to non-manifold models is to get global topological characteristics which are related to their shape. Such topological parameters help classifying objects, thus distinguishing them.


The main stages of this postdoctoral project are the following:

They will be adressed in collaboration with the two advisors and Leila de Floriani from Genova University in Italy. A stay in Genova is planned.


Candidates must have defended a PhD thesis in computer science or applied maths, and have a strong background on computational geometry. Required skills also include geometric modeling, computer graphics, object-oriented programming and the ability to work in a team in an international context. Candidates must agree to spend several weeks in Genova to work with our Italian partner.

Keywords : topology, non-manifold, singularity, manifold-connected component, Betti number, hypergraph, knot theory.

Application conditions, duration and salary

To apply, candidates must: This is a 6-month offer, with a start date in autumn 2009. The gross salary will be about 2350 EUR per month.


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